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“What’s the process,” “Who can apply for a Bigstone loan,” and “What are the fees,” are questions our current partners have asked so we’ve pulled them all together. You can find the answers to these questions, and others, here.

About asset finance loans

Who can apply for a Bigstone loan?

Bigstone lends to Australian businesses, that have been trading for at least two years, to buy new or used assets. Bigstone does not lend to individuals, or for consumer purposes.

What are your interest rates?
Because the advertising of interest rates in the business lending space is unregulated, telling you an interest rate won’t make it any easier for you to compare your options. Instead, we’ll tell you the total cost of the loan.

The cost is based on the product selected, the asset, term and loan size. The first step in the application process is an estimator tool that will give you a good indication of your final pricing.

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What fees do you charge?
We charge a one-off upfront fee and no ongoing fees. There are additional fees in the event of a default.
How are loans assessed?

We assess each loan application using a rigorous proprietary risk assessment approach. Depending on the size of the loan, this may include:

• current debt capacity
• historical financial performance
• the likelihood of default of similar businesses
• directors’ creditworthiness
• the business’ past behaviour towards financial obligations
• the potential for us to collect on the debt in the event of default.

What purposes will you lend for?

Asset finance. We help businesses get accessible, fast finance for new assets and equipment to help fuel growth.

What products do you offer?

We offer equipment rentals, finance leases, and lease purchases, you can read more about each of these finance solutions here. We also offer Sale & Lease Back solutions. 

If you’re unsure about what loan type you need, give us a call on (02) 8205 7777 and we’ll be happy to help.

What is market lending?

Also known as peer-to-peer lending, marketplace lending brings together investors who have money to lend, with borrowers who are looking for a loan. Our online platform matches borrowers to investors providing better outcomes for both parties. Borrowers get more accessible financing and investors are able to diversify their portfolios.

About Bigstone

What makes Bigstone different from other alternative finance providers?

We have invested heavily in capabilities that allow us to predict the creditworthiness of small business borrowers.

And, because Bigstone loans are funded directly from investors, and we make our loans over the internet, we cut out the middlemen that make getting a loan difficult for businesses.

How is Bigstone regulated?

The Bigstone marketplace is owned and operated by Bigstone Capital Pty Ltd ACN 603 289 658.

Bigstone Capital Pty Ltd is an authorised representative (number 001240521) of Primary Securities Ltd ACN 089 812 635, which holds Australian Financial Services Licence number 224107.

Bigstone provides access to the loan marketplace to investors in the Bigstone Loan Fund.

The Bigstone Loan Fund is an unregistered managed investment scheme and is compliant with the obligations on those schemes in the Corporations Act 2001.

Primary Securities Ltd is the trustee of the Bigstone Loan Fund.

Who is behind Bigstone?
We’re a growing team with backgrounds in finance, accounting, management and technology working towards a common goal of providing fast, easy access to finance to Australian businesses.

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About customer service

Can I speak to a customer service representative?

Of course! Simply call us on (02) 8205 7777 between 8:30am and 5:30pm (AEST).

What happens if I forget my username and/or password?

Please contact us on (02) 8205 7777 and our friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff will assist you.

How do I know my information is secure?

We use commercial grade information systems, similar to many banks and traditional financial institutions, to make sure that our systems are secure and in keeping with accepted business practice.

What will you do with my personal information?
Any personally identifiable information is treated with extreme care and diligence, in accordance with the Privacy Act.

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“What’s the process,” “Who can apply for a Bigstone loan,” and “What are the fees,” are questions our current partners have asked so we’ve pulled them all together. You can find the answers to these questions, and others, here.  


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