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We have three finance solutions so you can get the equipment you need without the upfront cost, plus one-hour approval for loans under $100,000.

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One-hour conditional approval for loans up to $100,000
Funds available within 24 hours
Borrow between $10,000 and $1,000,000
Own or rent your equipment
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Our loan calculator is built into the application, so if you like what you see you can complete your application with just a few more clicks.


Get an answer in one hour

Borrowing less than $100,000? Simply provide us with the invoice and a bit of information about your business, along with how much you need to borrow and how long you want to borrow for.


Funds paid, fast

We know downtime means money lost. That's why funds are available within 24 hours of approval so that you can put your equipment straight to work.

Our experience with Bigstone was exceptional. Extremely professional operation with excellent customer service and a super quick turnaround with the finance. Thank you all so much!


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“It was a breath of fresh air dealing with Bigstone.The process was smooth, enjoyable and the team are fantastic to work with!”


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“I was very impressed with the team at Bigstone. From beginning to end I felt they used technology to the highest level to do their due diligence on our business and then funded us with a knowledge that we are a low risk to their investors. It won't be the last time I use their services.Thank you for helping us at a crucial time for us. You made our job a lot easier.”


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Three loan options to choose from

Commercial loan

Purchase the equipment and use its value as collateral. You can adjust your repayment amount by choosing how much residual (leftover amount) you pay or refinance at the end of the term. You own the equipment throughout its useful life.

Equipment rental

Keep up with the latest tech changes and industry developments without shelling out a large lump sum every few years. At the end of the rental term, give the asset back and you can upgrade to the latest version. We own the equipment and you rent it from us during the rental agreement.

Finance lease

We own the equipment during the finance term, and at the end of the term, ownership transfers to you.

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Application requirements for different loan amounts

Loans under $99,999 (one-hour approval)

Application + invoice

At least one company director must own property for one-hour approval.

Loans above $100,000

Application + invoice + other financial information

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Tax and GST implications to consider

Equipment loan

The interest portion of your repayment and depreciation of the asset may be tax deductible. You may be able to claim GST upfront rather than over the term of the loan

Equipment rental

The rental repayments may be claimed as a business expense. You may be able to claim GST on the rental repayments.

Finance lease

The lease rental payments may be claimed as tax deductions.You may be able to claim GST credits for GST contained in the lease rental payments.

We don't provide financial advice. You should discuss your situation with a qualified financial advisor or accountant before making any final decisions.

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You can borrow up to 100% of the equipment’s value.

Terms range between 6 and 36 months, depending on the type of asset and type of loan. If your loan has an optional residual payment, you can apply to refinance the residual payment for up to 24 months.

Are there any exclusions?

We provide finance for most assets and equipment, with a few exceptions

  • Private sales
  • Low volume assets, non-movable assets, mining equipment, aircraft and customised equipment
  • Used equipment

A residual amount is a one-off payment at the end of the loan term. Sometimes referred to as a balloon payment, this payment is due after all regular monthly repayments have been made and is factored into the total cost of your loan at the beginning of the term.

As a quick example, if you borrow $100,000 with a residual payment of 40%, your monthly repayments over the life of the loan will only total 60% of the principal and interest. You will pay the remaining 40% in either one lump sum or you can refinance it for up to another two years. This helps keep your regular repayments down and lets you factor the residual payment into your cash flow.

At this stage, we only lend to businesses that are more than two years old. Once you’ve hit the two year mark, you can come back and apply for a loan.

The documents you need to provide will vary depending on how much you want to borrow.

  • for loans up to $99,999 application + invoice
  • for loans above $100,000 application + invoice + other financial documents

The invoice can be attached directly to your application. If you need to provide bank statements and/or financial statements, we will send you an email once you submit your application with further instructions to securely connect your online banking.

At least one company director needs to own property, but we don’t take security over it.
You can get in touch with us by calling 1800 244 786, emailing or using the chat button on the right-hand side of your device.

5 Ways a Loan Can Help Your Business Grow - infographic

The idea of going into debt can be daunting for many business owners when in reality they can be a catalyst for business growth.

The ultimate goal for many business owners is to increase revenue and build a financially sustainable and secure business. A business loan can be an affordable and flexible way to reach your goals more quickly, giving you the financial room you need to grow.


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