Asset finance solution examples

About asset finance loans

We’ve put together some scenarios for you to understand how our product offering could provide a finance solution for your business.

Upgrading trucks in your existing fleet

A transport company owned a number of unencumbered (fully paid off) vehicles and required an upgrade for some of the trucks in their fleet. They didn’t have the deposit needed, so Bigstone Finance used their old trucks as collateral to finance the new trucks they were taking on. This Sale & Lease Back solution allowed the company to get $200,000 worth of new trucks without requiring the 20% deposit from their own savings. 

Using existing assets to free up cash flow

A recent customer of ours owns an excavation company which won a large scale government contract. Due to the size of the project, they needed to take on more employees. At the time, they didn’t have enough budget for the additional headcount so they approached Bigstone Finance for help. We were able to offer them a $70,000 Sale & Lease Back solution which secured one of their excavators and freed up their cash flow to cover payroll. 

$1.5 million rental for construction company

A construction & logistics company was in need of a new crane for their growing business.  After a liasing with their dedicated relationship manager, Bigstone was able to provide a solution that suited them, giving the company a rental agreement for the full $1,500,000 with an option to purchase the crane at the end of the term. 

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