Case study: Grow your business using the assets you already own

One of the challenges of growing a business is accessing funding.

It’s a chicken and egg situation: when you grow you’ll be able to generate more money. The problem is, you can’t expand without funding. Many businesses find themselves with this common hurdle, but figuring out how to overcome it can lead to an exciting new phase.

Take a look at a case study where a trucking business owner was able to leverage his existing assets to take the next step and grow his venture.

Sale and leaseback case study

Jack runs a trucking business and has recently purchased his fourth truck. Now, he is looking to expand but needs funding to bring on new staff and acquire premises to accommodate them.

After connecting with Bigstone Finance, Jack is advised that a sale and leaseback option could be the right solution for his business.

He sells his newest truck to Bigstone for an influx of cash and uses the money to pay for his business’s growth. Jack then leases the truck from Bigstone so he can still use it, making regular monthly payments that make managing cash flow easy.

Would a sale and leaseback option work for your business?

A sale and leaseback arrangement is generally for a period of three to five years. At the end, you can structure the loan so you own your equipment in full again.

This solution is ideal for asset-strong businesses which need fast access to funds.

Bigstone Finance specialises in sale and leaseback arrangements for Australian small businesses. It is likely we can help your business if it is:

  • Established, with a minimum of two years of trading
  • Under the directorship of someone who owns property
  • Able to demonstrate a strong credit history
  • The owner of tangible assets worth over $20,000, which are eligible for a sale and leaseback arrangement

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