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Accountants are ideal Bigstone partners

As a marketplace, we offer business loans to small businesses, which get funded by investors seeking for better yield for their investments.

Better rates for loans, better yield for investors!


Fair Business Loans

Get a rate in minutes, approval in hours, funds in as little as two days for your clients.
No lengthy application processes.

See how our repayments compare

Double Digit Yield

For your clients looking for alternative investments, we can work with you to inform them on investing in business loans.

Double digit yield?

Personal service

You value your clients, and so do we. We deliver personal service to every customer, so you can be confident your clients are looked after.

Speak to one of us, you'll see

Why accountants partner with Bigstone

The short version is that you'll work with true professionals, promoting a no-brainer product which can support your customers in two ways.

But once you are a partner, we'll want to hear it from you!

Experienced team

Work with experienced people with backgrounds with Boston Consulting Group, Westpac, ANZ, SocietyOne and more recently Allianz and Macquarie Bank.

Fast referrals

Built on modern technology, Bigstone makes referring business a straightforward process. Just see how simple it is to become a partner.

Happy customers

The speed and the rates you will be able to offer your customers will be sure to put a smile on their face and keep them coming back for more.

Savings for customers

We traditionally offer commission for referrals but many accountants prefer to pass this over as a saving to their clients. We're happy either way!


Be the cutting edge introducer who gets how peer to peer lending supports small businesses in Australia. Share this video with your customers!

Fear of missing out

We are onboarding new partners every week and have received over $10M in applications over the past couple of months. Don't miss out.

How do I become a partner?

You can become a partner in under 2 minutes - all online.



Review the introducer agreement and make sure you are comfortable with it.

View introducer agreement


At the bottom of the agreement, there is a form to fill in with some basic details.

Take me to the form


We will be in touch to discuss any referrals you make.

Book a call

Are your clients eligible?

Businesses needing a loan

  • Be an Australian company / trustee
  • Have more than 1 employee
  • Make at least $250,000 in revenue*

*We encourage you to contact us as we are quite flexible and want to help!

People / businesses wanting to invest in loans

To invest through Bigstone, your clients must be a 'wholesale client' under the Corporations Act 2001. Find out more about what this means.



Your clients tick those boxes? Then you can register to become a partner and start referring.


Register Online

Takes about 2 mins

Call us

1800 244 786

Request a callback

At a time that suits you

How does marketplace lending work?

Bigstone is a business finance marketplace

We're a marketplace that connects small businesses looking to borrow, with investors who want to fund loans. By cutting out the costs and delays in getting a bank loan, you can get an affordable loan for your business in as little as two days.


Easiest is for you to check out our 3 minute video about how small businesses and investors benefit from marketplace lending.


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