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Be the Bank

Make better risk adjusted returns through informed investment.

Current expected net return in the double digits!

A new asset class

There is a new asset class that can offer you growth, diversification and flexibility.

Step by step

Data science powered

Proprietary database of Australian SMEs used to model and prove our risk assessment and risk grading process.

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Backed by experts

A wealth of experience in banking, small business lending and marketplaces.

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Why invest in the Bigstone marketplace

For years, banks have kept the small business loan product to themselves. It so happens it was the most profitable asset in their books.

Bigstone is making this asset class available to you so you can make returns while supporting Australian SMEs

Data + People

There are actual human beings making sense of the business data to cherry pick the loans that will populate the marketplace.

Low fees

You pay us 1% of the return you earn - and only when those funds paid to you. That means we are motivated to make sure you get repaid.

Generally secured loans

Loans are secured by a general security agreement over the assets of the borrower company, which is registered on the Personal Property Securities Register. Each loan must also be personally guaranteed by the borrower’s directors.

Fully confidential

We never disclose your identity to borrowers, and they are not a party to your loan agreement. Your business and financial information is kept confidential.

7% to 23% return

Investment in the Bigstone Loan Fund is designed to meet the needs of investors that seek returns greater than typical cash rates and regular annuity-like payments.

Curated investment platform

You'll get access to a curated investment platform, with insight into the borrowers' creditworthiness. You choose which loans to invest in, and which to let pass.

Built on trust

Bigstone loans are held on trust by a third party trustee that acts independently on behalf of Investors and is not controlled by Bigstone. The trustee oversees all of Bigstone's operations to keep investors safe.


Your investment returns are directly dependent on the loans that you choose to fund. You can diversify your loan portfolio (and mitigate your risk) by spreading your investment funds across a variety of loans with different businesses, industries, locations and risk grades.

How to become an investor

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Some FAQs

Are you eligible?

This is one great asset class but can you apply?

  • Be an Australian company / trustee (Mike?)
  • Have more than 1 employee (Mike?)
  • Make at least $250,000 in revenue (Mike?)
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What is marketplace lending?

Visualising how peer to peer works between SMEs and Investors

Bigstone is a business finance marketplace

We're a marketplace that connects small businesses looking to borrow, with investors who want to fund loans. By cutting out the costs and delays in getting a bank loan, you can get an affordable loan for your business in as little as two days.


Easiest is for you to check out our 3 mins video about how small businesses and investors benefit from marketplace lending.


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Topics include "P2P Lending : Why You Need an Uncorrelated Asset Class" and "Peer-to-Peer Loans as a Fixed Income Investment"