Marketplace Lending: the New Investment Frontier

Imagine if your investment not only reaps dividends for you – but the backbone of the Australian economy.

Bigstone Bigstone Finance | 5 June, 2018


What Makes the Perfect Bigstone Borrower?

At Bigstone, we are creating a liquid market where creditworthy small businesses are connected to yield-seeking investors. Borrowers get fast and easy access to capital at affordable rates and on fair terms, and lenders get access to a curated investment platform where they can build a diversified portfolio and earn fair returns.

Bigstone Bigstone Finance | 17 November, 2017


Investing with Bigstone - the Step by Step Guide

At the end of the 2016 financial year, there were just over 2 million businesses matching the ATO’s definition of small business, (a business with less than $2 million in annual turnover).

SMEs account for the majority of businesses in Australia, employ the majority of people, and generate the majority of value in our economy. With the Bigstone small business lending marketplace, you can earn a brilliant return, while helping fuel the real wealth creators in our economy.

Bigstone Bigstone Finance | 25 October, 2017


How ASIC and the Australian government can kindle the fintech boom

Australia is beginning to enjoy the benefits of a fintech boom, but for this emerging industry to grow properly it needs infrastructure support. Without it, we’re at risk of seeing Aussie fintechs left behind as overseas players dominate the Australian and Asian landscape.

Bigstone Bigstone Finance | 10 November, 2016