It's Not Just About Your Product - Why Customer Experience Matters

Whether you run a shop with an e-commerce site, or trade solely online, the experiences your customers have with your business will greatly influence their decision to purchase your product or service.

Bigstone Bigstone Finance | 28 December, 2017


Why Your Business Needs you to Take a Holiday

Feel like you're trudging through the same day again and again?

Bigstone Bigstone Finance | 19 December, 2017


3 Ways a Business Loan Can Help you Through the Holidays

The holiday season is always the busiest time for retailers. Shoppers are buying everything from gifts for family and friends to decorations, home wares and supplies for Christmas and New Year's festivities. While this is a fruitful time for Australian retailers, it can also be a costly one.

Bigstone Bigstone Finance | 12 December, 2017


The 6 Differences Between a Lending Marketplace and Balance Sheet Lender

Some of our partners recently reminded us how confusing small business lending can be. Largely it was based on the breadth of options given many fintechs filling the gap where traditional lenders have shown little appetite. There’s a solution for most things, but you have to know the basics to know where to start.

Bigstone Bigstone Finance | 8 December, 2017


Should you get a Business Loan to Boost Your Cash Flow?

A business loan can be an affordable and flexible way to cover gaps in your cash flow when the waters get rough.

Cash flow is a straightforward concept: money in compared to money out of your business. It might sound a little boring, but keeping on top of your cash flow can be the difference between a thriving business, and one on the brink of closing its doors.

Bigstone Bigstone Finance | 30 October, 2017


The Benefits of Getting a Working Capital Loan

A working capital loan can help you keep your cash flow in check, which will help you keep your doors open and your business going strong.

Bigstone Bigstone Finance | 18 October, 2017


Amazon in Australia - What Retailers Can do to Stay Ahead of the Game

The Great Depression was one of the most devastating financial and social events of the last two hundred years. Millions lost their jobs, assets were wiped out, and the world economy took the better part of ten years to recover. It’s also believed that it created more millionaires, as a percentage of the population than any other period in our history.

Bigstone Bigstone Finance | 25 September, 2017