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What is asset finance?

Your business needs access to finance so it can grow. Asset finance can be the solution, but it helps to clearly understand what is involved, especially if you are new to the realm of business borrowing.

Bigstone Finance | 19 February, 2019


Mortgage Brokers: It’s Time to Diversify

With a slowdown in the housing market, calls for changes to commission structures and increasing numbers of brokers vying for similar market share, 2017 has proven to be a year of uncertainty for mortgage brokers. Is it time for a slight change in direction?

Bigstone Bigstone Finance | 24 November, 2017


What Makes the Perfect Bigstone Borrower?

At Bigstone, we are creating a liquid market where creditworthy small businesses are connected to yield-seeking investors. Borrowers get fast and easy access to capital at affordable rates and on fair terms, and lenders get access to a curated investment platform where they can build a diversified portfolio and earn fair returns.

Bigstone Bigstone Finance | 17 November, 2017


Should you get a Business Loan to Boost Your Cash Flow?

A business loan can be an affordable and flexible way to cover gaps in your cash flow when the waters get rough.

Cash flow is a straightforward concept: money in compared to money out of your business. It might sound a little boring, but keeping on top of your cash flow can be the difference between a thriving business, and one on the brink of closing its doors.

Bigstone Bigstone Finance | 30 October, 2017


Investing with Bigstone - the Step by Step Guide

At the end of the 2016 financial year, there were just over 2 million businesses matching the ATO’s definition of small business, (a business with less than $2 million in annual turnover).

SMEs account for the majority of businesses in Australia, employ the majority of people, and generate the majority of value in our economy. With the Bigstone small business lending marketplace, you can earn a brilliant return, while helping fuel the real wealth creators in our economy.

Bigstone Bigstone Finance | 25 October, 2017


The Benefits of Getting a Working Capital Loan

A working capital loan can help you keep your cash flow in check, which will help you keep your doors open and your business going strong.

Bigstone Bigstone Finance | 18 October, 2017


5 Reasons Accountants Should Get Their Head into the Cloud

Advancements in technology - from cloud computing to Artificial Intelligence - are creating endless opportunities for accountants to scale their business and increase revenue like never before.

Bigstone Bigstone Finance | 18 October, 2017


Amazon in Australia - What Retailers Can do to Stay Ahead of the Game

The Great Depression was one of the most devastating financial and social events of the last two hundred years. Millions lost their jobs, assets were wiped out, and the world economy took the better part of ten years to recover. It’s also believed that it created more millionaires, as a percentage of the population than any other period in our history.

Bigstone Bigstone Finance | 25 September, 2017