How to fund equipment for your business sourced overseas

Bigstone Finance | 30 September, 2019
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Many businesses across the manufacturing, construction, and mining industries rely on large equipment to survive.

Often, the best deals on yellow goods and a range of other machinery come from overseas. Even with the cost of importing, it is possible to save money by buying from foreign suppliers.

The problem many business owners encounter is that traditional financing options don’t support the purchase of overseas sourced assets. You end up with a frustrating situation, where your business needs the equipment to grow, but there isn’t a provider to bridge the funding gap.


How to fund an overseas sourced asset purchase 

Launched in Australia in 2014, Bigstone Finance specialises in helping Australian businesses by funding equipment purchases, even goods sourced overseas.

If your business has all the following, we may be able to help you with a purchase:

  • At least two years in business
  • A director who owns property
  • Evidence of a good credit history

Overseas sourced asset funding: How it works

If you need help to purchase assets from overseas, including yellow goods, machinery or other equipment and believe you fit the above criteria, reach out to Bigstone Finance.

We’ll work with you to discover the best loan solution for your business so we can support your growth.

Once we have received, processed and approved your application*, we will pay your overseas supplier for your equipment or machinery order. Your business can then stay on top of cash flow by making regular cash payments.

*approval of overseas equipments is conditional on onshore collateral provided by the business

Need to finance overseas sourced assets? If you can demonstrate a good credit rating, have a director who owns property and have been in business for more than two years, contact Bigstone Finance by filling out the form below.

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