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Business Loan Refinancing

Many businesses have come to us to refinance expensive business loans from competitors.

Bigstone helps businesses refinance their loans to save money for what really matters.

Fair Rates

When you refinance with us, you will see our rates and fee structure is hard to beat

Compare repayments

Simple Business Loan

Refinance up to $250k, for up to 24 months, with no sneaky terms or hidden fees

Step by step

Fast process

The thousands you'll save your business are worth spending 15 minutes on

Am I eligible?

Why you should refinance with Bigstone

Reduce wastage

Better rates, lower fees, and a fairer deal all come together to give you a business loan that truly supports your business.

Know what you are buying

Refinance between $10k and $250k, over up to 24 months.
No fee until you get a loan. No early repayment fee.
More about fees.

Work with experts

Every business is unique. Bigstone takes the time to understand each business to offer the fairest rate. You could even learn something about your own! Meet the team

No property security required

We assess you on your performance, profitability and potential, not just on your assets. Our risk assessment process is what makes Bigstone shine, so give it a go.

Simple step by step process

These steps to apply with Bigstone will save you thousands when refinancing


Submit application

From calculator estimate to application complete can take under 15 minutes if you have all your documentation at hand


Get approved

Usually takes 24h from when application is submitted. Our risk team may call you to understand your business.


Get funded

Once your loan is listed in the marketplace, just let the investors jump on the opportunity to help you out.

Are you eligible?

This is one great business loan -
but can you apply?

  • Be an Australian company / trustee
  • Have more than 1 employee
  • Make at least $250,000 in revenue
Tick those boxes? Then you can start with an estimate now

Apply Online

Takes about 15 mins

Call us


Request a callback

At a time that suits you

How does marketplace lending work?

Bigstone is a business finance marketplace

We're a marketplace that connects small businesses looking to borrow, with investors who want to fund loans. By cutting out the costs and delays in getting a bank loan, you can get an affordable loan for your business in as little as two days.


Easiest is for you to check out our 3 minute video about how small businesses and investors benefit from marketplace lending.


Want a call back?

If you'd rather talk to a person about how Bigstone can help in refinancing your loan, lock us in!