What is Marketplace Lending

Marketplace lending (sometimes called peer-to-peer lending) brings borrowers and investors together through an online platform. Investors use the platform to fund loans for borrowers.

Marketplace lending involves either business or personal borrowers using the online platform to borrow money, instead of more traditional means, such as a bank. Borrowers will apply online and go through an approval process before having their loan listed on the online marketplace platform. Investors can choose the loans they want to fund based on set criteria, including the amount, term and purpose.

Modern technology allows us to:

  1. Transparently assess the creditworthiness of  business borrowers, and
  2. Seamlessly match the needs of those businesses with a range of investors that seek returns better than they could get at a bank.

Borrowers benefit from a simple product, convenient access and fast service.

Lenders can earn great returns by selecting a broad and diversified portfolio of loans, spreading risk across multiple borrowers. Together this creates a new fixed income asset class.

Australian businesses with at least two years of trading history can apply for a loan with Bigstone.

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