What is Marketplace lending?

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Marketplace lending (sometimes called peer-to-peer lending) is a return to the oldest form of financial intermediation, where investors gather to provide funds to creditworthy borrowers.

Modern technology allows us to:

  1. transparently assess the creditworthiness of  business borrowers, and
  2. seamlessly match the needs of those businesses with a range of investors that seek returns better than they could get at a bank.

Borrowers benefit from a simple product, convenient access, fast service, and often through lower rates.

Lenders can earn great returns by selecting a broad and diversified portfolio of loans, spreading risk across multiple borrowers. Together this creates a new fixed income asset class.

Check out our 3 minute video about how businesses and investors benefit from marketplace lending.

How can we help?

Can I get a business loan with no deposit?

Yes, you can! And Bigstone can help.

Who can apply for a loan?

The Bigstone Loan Fund makes business loans only to verified Australian companies (or trusts with a company trustee), that pass our verification and credit assessment process. The Bigstone Loan Fund does not lend to individuals, or for consumer purposes.

What can I use the loan for?

Whether you are hiring staff, buying inventory, or just smoothing out your cash flow, Bigstone loans can help you seamlessly fund your business. Bigstone loans are for small businesses to fund their working capital, which means that you can use the loan for just about anything you need to grow your business. We do not lend for non-business purposes or for investment in real estate.

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