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The small differences in stated rates and fees and calculation methods make a big difference in the true cost of loanComparing apples to apples isn't always easy when it comes to finance because lenders can quote their fees, rates and terms in different ways. 

A few things to think about when looking around for a loan, include

  • the shorter your loan term, the less interest you will pay
  • extra fees can add up quickly
  • is the interest rate quoted as per year or per month? And does it take fees into account?

This is how Bigstone stacks up against the competition

 Type of loan Cash Advance Many Business Loans Bigstone Business Loan
Interest payment Based on expected income Paid upfront
("Flat Rate")
Paid on  balance outstanding
Amount borrowed $50,000 $50,000 $50,000
Duration of loan 12 months 12 months 12 months
Advertised Interest*
 *these rates are indicative only
3% per month 10% per year 10% per year

Total monthly repayments*
 *excluding fees and interest on fees

 $5,670  $4,580  $4,380
Interest cost of loan over 12 months*
*excluding fees and interest on fees
$18,000 $5,000 $2,590

True interest rate per year*
*this is not APR, it does not account for fees

42.5% 20% 10%

Do bear in mind this excludes fees, to avoid complicating the information in the table.

But, why are our rates so good?

We connect small businesses looking to borrow with investors who want to fund loans. By cutting out the middlemen that increase costs and cause delays in getting a bank loan, you can get a quote in minutes — and an affordable loan for your business in as little as 24 hours.

Your only fee is between 2% and 5%, applied and repaid over the course of the loan. We process every application — and we've streamlined the business loan application process from start to finish to keep costs low.

So what's the Bigstone process?

1. Get a rate estimate
2. Submit your application
3. We review your application
4. Once approved, your loan is listed and funded

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How can we help?

Can I find out exactly how my interest rate was determined?

We can’t tell you all our secrets, or we'll be out of business! Accurately pricing borrowers riskiness is a big part of the value that we bring to investors. But we are transparent about the results of our assessment, and we display each financial metric in the description of your loan listing in the marketplace.

How is the loan interest rate set?

The loan interest rate reflects Bigstone’s assessment of the risk of lending. We assess each borrower applicant, and set the interest rate for the loan request, using a rigorous, proprietary risk assessment approach.

Before listing any loan request on the marketplace, we verify the identity of the directors and business owners, conduct document checks, and perform a credit file analysis for the borrower applicant and its directors.

​ Once we have completed our credit assessment, we will either reject the loan application as being too risky, or progress the application to a loan request with an interest rate that reflects the borrower’s creditworthiness. Riskier applicants are assigned higher interest rates, while those with the lowest risk will get the lowest rates.

What fees does Bigstone charge?

We charge borrowers an upfront market access fee of between 1 and 5% of the loan request amount. The exact amount will depend on how risky your loan is assessed to be - less risky borrowers will be charged a lower fee! We don't charge this fee until your loan is funded through the marketplace - no loan, no fee.

​There are: No hidden fees, No facility fees, No application fees, No pre-payment fees.

We also charge borrowers that are in default a collections fee of $10 per day, and penalty interest in accordance with your loan agreement. If you don't have enough funds to process a direct debit request, we charge you a $30 fee to process the payment default.

What information do I need handy to apply?

​Bigstone loans are fully amortising. That means that each repayment is of both principal and interest, and will be of the same amount. The amount of your repayment will depend on your total loan amount (including fees), the interest rate of your loan, and the duration of your loan.

​ Unlike many of our competitors, we never charge you a fee for repaying early. What's more, you can make early repayments of any amount (not only the whole loan). That means that you can get ahead on your loan when you have a good week!

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