Bigstone Finance Product Glossary

Bigstone Finance offers various finance solutions which can suit your business’s needs. Here are short explanations of what we currently offer so you know what fits you best.

Equipment Rental

Definition: Bigstone buys the asset on the renter’s behalf.  The renter then pays Bigstone a monthly rental fee for the use of the asset.

This is a great option when considering an asset that you’d like to regularly update to keep your business up to date. At the end of the rental term, you will have the opportunity to continue renting from Bigstone, make an offer to buy the asset, or update to a newer version of the equipment.

Finance Lease

Definition: Bigstone buys the asset on the lessee’s behalf. The lessee pays Bigstone a monthly lease amount and purchases the asset with a final payment at the end of the lease term, transferring the ownership.

The best time to take out a finance lease is when you don’t have the spare cash to make a large purchase but plan to keep the asset in the long term. An example of this would be purchasing a large truck, looking to divide the upfront cost over regular payments to best budget for the business.

Sale & Lease Back

Definition: Bigstone refinances (i.e. buys from you) an asset you already own and leases it back to you through regular monthly payments to inject cash flow for business growth.

This is a solution if you are looking for a capital raise to continue the growth and expansion of your business. With the influx of cash your business will be able to undertake new projects and continue to use the equipment you previously owned for a monthly fee.

Bigstone Finance can offer fast, flexible loans from $10,000 to $2,000,000 for assets and equipment for your business.

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