2019 predictions from the Bigstone leaders

Now we are well and truly through the holiday season we wish you a bright and successful 2019!

We asked our Bigstone Finance leaders what they think are the biggest trends that will impact the Australian business landscape this year –

Our General Manager Tom Kellaway predicts-

  1. The Credit Squeeze –the big banks changing their lending practices will have a big impact on business and consumer right across Australia.
  2. Slow Down – As businesses loose access to capital, the flow on effect to the broader economy is likely.

Our Executive chairman – Asset Financing pioneer Robert Spano agrees. His top 3 are

  1. The Credit squeeze – this will lead to the Big companies getting money and the SME’s and consumers being disadvantaged.
  2. Our political leaders will have to manage a minority government and therefore a clear political agenda will absent, our economy will struggle as unemployment increases. The Reserve Bank will decrease rates, but the Banks will argue that the cost of compliance will need to be factored in, so we can’t see when this might benefit Aussies and their businesses.
  3. US turmoil – Politically and Economically as more and more issues arise from a unpredictable leader with no clear strategic direction, the impact in Australia will be a lack of confidence to invest.

Have you planned your financial forecasts for your business this year?

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